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Carriage Hill Kennels

2218 Waukegan Road

In 1961, Jim and Doris Cocallas opened Carriage Hill Kennels. Jim trained and boarded dogs while Doris made grooming a special part of her life.

Over the years, the Cocallas children, Chris and Francine, grew up and learned the family business, which included doing kennel chores to learn all facets of the business operations developed by their mother and father. Jim and Doris supervised and instructed the children on professionalism, a high standard of business ethics and customer relations.

Both now married, with children of their own, Chris and Francine supervise all operations of Carriage Hill, along with Francine's son Bob. The entire Cocallas family and their experienced, dedicated staff, believe that pet care requires a special abiding love for our animal visitors. At Carriage Hill, your pet is a valued part of our family.

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