You will not believe how pampered dogs are at these ten over-the-top Kennels!

Private chefs, chauffeured driven Bentleys, heated swimming pools, vigorous hikes, deep-tissue massage and pampering spa treatments, doesn't this sound like a perfectly relaxing vacation....for your dog? That's right, your dog! Long gone are the kennels with cold cement floors, wire crates and dried kibble. The modern dog is stylin' in posh doggie boutique hotels with radiant heated floors, cozy beds, tv screens and doggie cams.

So weather you have an active dog that wants to run agility courses, a pampered pooch who would rather have a blueberry facial scrub or an older dog who would prefer the more gentler approach with senior services...we have found 10 one-of-a-kind kennel experiences that will have your dog begging for you to leave home more often!

1. Stay and Play Pet Ranch, Dripping Springs, TX

We all know how good a massage feels after a long day on our feet or a strenuous work-out. Dogs can benefit from a massage too! More and more veterinarians are prescribing massage for rehabilitation purposes. Canine massage can increase flexibility, circulation, and help to relieve stiffness, joint discomfort and aid in after surgery care or trauma. Booking a massage for your dog while being boarded, just might help to relax you too knowing he's being treated so well!

2. Camp Run-a-Mutt, CA & TX

Nervous about leaving your dog behind because she's used to cuddling up with you at night? Believe it or not there are kennels like, Camp-Run-a-Mutt where a member of the staff will tuck-in at night with your dog! With an open sleeping area and plenty of cots to spare the staff bunk up with their campers. Just knowing that your 4-legged sleeping companion is not sleeping alone, will give you piece of mind and a good night's sleep!

3. 24 hr Dog Daycare, San Diego, CA

Have you ever boarded your dog and had to pay up to two days more and have not been able to be reunited (even though your're home!) because your pick-up time fell on a Sunday or after kennel hours? Well, you don't have to be separated for a second longer then you have to be or pay additional days, if your kennel is open 24 hours and 7 days a week!

4. Courteous Canine, Lutz, South Tampa & Seminole Heights, FL

If a simple walk just wont do for your pooch and they have a will to chase then look for kennels that offer extreme exercise adventures. Lure Coursing is a stimulating activity that many kennels are now providing. Your dog will be focused, alert and exercised all while having a blast chasing a lure through an obstacle course. Sign them up, they'll be hooked!

5. Carriage Hill Kennels, Glenview, IL

Don't feel guilty about dropping your dog at the kennel as you head off for your dream vacation by the pool. If your dog stays at one of the many kennels that offer heated pools and swim lessons, you may return to a dog that can swim circles around you!

6. Hillrose Pet Resort, SeaTac, WA

Travelling just got a whole lot easier when you stay at a kennel that offers frequent flyer miles and airport parking. Hillrose Pet Resort offers miles in the sky and a parking space at the airport!

7. Paw Print Inn, Novi, MI

If it's a spa experience your dog is in need of, you might not recognize the dog you return to after spending a few nights at a kennel that offers spa services. While your dog is receiving treatments like a Bubble Bath Pawdicure, Shed Reducing Treatments or the Ultimate Spa Groom..go ahead, I dare you...just try to feel guilty!

8. Wakefield Kennel, Earlysville, VA

Not all dogs have the same exercise requirements. Whether you have a dog that leaps out of bed or a senior dog who appreciates a more leisurely approach to facing the day, kennels like Wakefield in Virginia will personalize an exercise program to meet your dog's energy level. From leisurely walks to rugged hikes...everyone will be exhausted at the end of the day!

9. DPet Hotels, Chelsea (NYC), NY

Too busy packing your bags to drop off your dog at the posh doggie hotel? Not a problem, there are kennels out there that will send their Lamborghini Gallardo or if that's already picking up another lucky client, they just may send the Ferrari. If you 're a dog and you're arriving in a Lambo, then it goes without saying you too will have a private chef and a room fit for a Kardashian. This kennel experience is not to be believed! Sign me up, forget about my dog!

10. The Canine Ranch, Canton, GA

Would you rather have someone else train your pup while you are sipping a Pina Colada on the beach? I don't blame you! Check out kennels that offer training, so when you return relaxed and tan you are politely greeted by your well-behaved dog.

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